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Restorative Dentistry Nashua, NH

Levesque Family Dentistry offers comprehensive restorative dentistry services in Nashua, NH. Our dentists are highly trained and experienced and have dedicated many hours to post graduate training and education on treating adult patients with complex problems like worn, broken or missing teeth, TMJ disorder and advanced periodontal disease. Dr. Keith Levesque and Dr. Tara Levesque-Vogel focus on both function and aesthetics, frequently incorporating cosmetic dentistry into dental treatment plans to ensure that patients achieve a natural looking, comfortable and functional smile.

Restorative Dentistry Nashua

Restorative Dentistry: What to Expect

Restorative dentistry is focused on restoring the health and function of a patient’s smile through procedures that can repair, realign and replace teeth. The dentist will evaluate your dental health, discuss your personal goals and budget before creating an individualized plan of treatment that best suits all of your needs.

Restoring oral health is important for not only your dental health, but for both overall physical well being and a good quality of life. Having a comfortable and functional smile has an impact on the ability to eat and speak normally as well as self confidence. Our dentists work with patients to ensure that the dentistry they receive will meet their expectations while supporting long term oral health.

Restorative Procedures

Our dentists may recommend any of the following restorative procedures, or a combination of treatment options.

Affordable Dentistry

Dentistry is often something people sacrifice because they think they can’t afford it. As a result “little” dental concerns can develop into “big” dental problems. We accept most dental insurance as an out of network provider and will file your claims on your behalf. Many restorative dental treatments can also be phased to spread costs over a period of time or to take advantage of HSA funds.

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