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Keith M. Levesque, DMD


Dr. Keith M. Levesque is a graduate of Harvard School of Dental Medicine. His undergraduate degree is in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnical Institute. Keith spent his first years after college  as an engineer designing next generation medical devices and MRI coils for W.L. Gore.  In addition to his vast experience, Dr. Keith is amazing with people.  He makes each of his patients feel comfortable informed and in control of their treatment.  His easy going attitude and understanding of the mechanics of dentistry lets his patients know they are in good hands. Additionally, he enjoys boating, fishing and hiking.  Dr. Keith resides in Hollis, NH with his wife, Andrea and two daughters. 

Dr. Keith Levesque  is a member of the American Society of Implant & Reconstructive Dentistry (ASIRD).  ASIRD is committed to improving the quality of care for dental implant patients by elevating the standards of surgical and restorative dental education and practice.  Not every dentist routinely restores and maintains dental implants and not all placers of dental implants are surgeons.  By using an ASIRD team, rest assured that your dentist routinely restores and maintains dental implants and only a trained surgeon will place your implant.


Learn more about ASIRD:  http://www.asird.org/d/moavenian/levesque/



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